Rule #1 relax. have fun. be yourself. sleep well. don't drink cheap beer. 

Rule #2 Clothing is optional inside, outside, everywhere on the property except the hot tub where      naked is the only option.

Rule #3 If you use it, you clean it and put it away.

Rule #4 TV in the living room is reserved for the owners from 9pm-12midnight. Please use the TV in the tiki hut during these hours. 

Rule #5  $25 USD cash cleaning fee is due upon arrival. 

Rule #6  Only confirmed guests are welcomed. 

Rule #7  Absolutely no use of my personal computer. We have wi-fi. Remind me to give you the password so you can use your iPads and laptops and smartphones and whatever else might connect to it. 

Rule #8  Please turn of lights when not in use and also please make sure to close the door when you go outside. I try to keep the cat inside and that little fucker will dart out the door if you don't close it tightly. 

Rule #9  Laundry privileges available to guests staying 3+ nights

Rule #10  Communication in any relationship is the key to success. Please stay in touch before (and after) your visit. Let me know your travel plans (flight info, renting a car or not, etc..) so I will know when you plan to arrive at Naked Palms. I'm not the kind of guy who sits at home all day waiting for guests to arrive. Not when I could be at the beach or casino. I will always try to accommodate early/late arrivals and special requests. If you're celebrating a special occasion please let me know. Remember,  I have 2 dogs, a cat, and a bird. So if you have severe allergies, you might want to bring a bunch of epi pens. I always available if you need help, directions, suggestions or if you get locked up and you need someone to bail you out. My cell is 954-465-1234.  Stay naked and I'll see you in the Naked Palms Tiki Hut